"I am very grateful to you and the school for getting the best out of me."

Aims and Values

At Queen Elizabeth’s, our primary purpose is to provide a high quality service for our pupils and their parents. As a Selective Academy we aim to establish ourselves as a centre of excellence, raising levels of achievement and opportunity for the whole community through a dynamic and creative focus on business and enterprise and effective use of student voice, which will pervade all learning.


  • To develop the full potential of all

    Learning must be central to the life of every one of our pupils. We acknowledge the needs of each individual pupil and strive to help them develop their full potential. The school is also keen to promote the professional development of staff and the performance management scheme supports them in the regular evaluation of their work.

  • To develop pride in achievements and an atmosphere which encourages respect and understanding for one another and the world in which we live

    The Academy is keen to maintain a tradition of high achievement and we hope to develop further a sense of pride and respect for each other’s successes and achievements. For each pupil we hope to offer appropriate incentives and rewards to promote high standards in all aspects of school life.

    The Academy is seen as a community where good relationships are vital for the welfare and progress of all. All members of this community - pupils and staff (teaching and support) are equally valued, though responsibilities vary greatly.

    Within and beyond the school community we hope to engender an understanding of different cultures and traditions and a sense of wonder regarding the world in which we live.

  • To provide appropriate and varied opportunities for everyone

    There is much more to school life than what is taught in the classroom and we try to ensure all our pupils are given plenty of opportunity to enjoy and learn from extra-curricular and cross-curricular activities, which enrich the life of the school. It is particularly important for pupils in a small community such as Alford to have as many diverse opportunities as possible and to see themselves as part of a much wider community. With our business and enterprise focus we hope to develop the necessary skills in our students so that they are able to make a leading contribution on a national scale.

  • To provide sensible guidance, support and advice

    Personal development in the teenage years can lead to difficulties, and relationships within school can be complex and varied. We have a duty to prepare our pupils as constructively as we can for the personal and emotional demands placed upon them, now and in the future. Through our day-to-day teaching and tutorials, we aim to enable pupils to develop high self-esteem. We aim to provide a community in which pupils and staff care about each other's well-being and everyone in the Academy feels valued.

    Learning is seen as a lifetime experience. We aim to work closely with primary schools, parents, Higher Education institutions and employers.

  • To develop a good work ethic and environment

    We aim to develop a calm and purposeful working atmosphere and a pleasant and well-kept environment. The school provides opportunities for independent and group learning through the use of a wide range of resources.

    We also hope to develop a wider respect for the environment in which we live.

We value:

  • Achievement
  • Mutual respect
  • Integrity
  • Self-discipline