"We cannot thank you enough. You never stopped believing in our dreams."

Alford Elizabethans' Association

The Alford Elizabethans' Association works to bring together current and former students and former staff to further the interests of Queen Elizabeth’s through annual fundraising and social events. We organise and host a popular dinner where friends and former year groups from all over the country join to share a meal and listen to our guest speaker. Providing an opportunity not only to reunite with former classmates in a social setting, but to also catch up with the latest news, achievements, and developments at Queen Elizabeth’s.

We work closely with the Travers Trust to provide additional funds for the school. Sir Walter Lancelot Travers OBE CIE was a pupil at the school until 1889 and founded the Old Elizabethans' Association, (now known as the Alford Elizabethans' Association), in 1932. When he died in 1937, he left his entire wealth to the school to pay for new buildings and to establish scholarships to help pupils going on to university.

If you are interested in joining our committee or are a former student/staff member who wants to keep in touch with old colleagues then please use one of the links below to stay in touch and keep up to date the associations work and events.

To be updated with our activities please send your email address to: alfordelizabethans@gmail.com and also consider following our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/AlfordElizabethansAssociation