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For most students, this is their first opportunity to study Sociology. Therefore they will hopefully find the course exciting, stimulating and demanding as they will be introduced to many new concepts. Students will, of course, have to gain an understanding of basic ideas quickly so that you can begin to develop a more comprehensive understanding of Sociology.

Skills learnt in GCSE subjects such as interpreting information, writing and evaluating evidence and arguments would be further developed and refined. You are required to read and interpret sociological studies and theories and write both short and long essays. You will develop skills of analysis over the 2-year course.

Finally, an eagerness to learn about new ideas is essential. This subject is an opportunity for students to develop an understanding of the society they live in and try to explain their place in it. The more commitment you show to Sociology, the more you will gain from it.


The subject is only offered at A level and any student with grade 6s at GCSE level in humanities subjects such as English Literature, English, Geography, History and RS should be able to access the material we study. Sociologists study society and the groups that exist in it. They use research methods like questionnaires, interviews and observations as a means of collecting data in order to question the everyday assumptions we make about life. Attempts are made to explain how society works, why inequalities still exist and how we learn how to “fit in” to society’s culture. All 3 units are assessed by external examination at the end of Y13.

  • Education and Training with Theory and Methods
  • Beliefs in Society and Families and Households
  • Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods

Facilities and staff

The Sociology room is located in the sixth form block – Norbury House – where most of the classroom teaching takes place. The department has a wide range of resources with AQA validated textbooks.

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Staff List