"...thank you for all of the support that you have given me over the last seven years because my school experience has honestly been a dream."



"Mathematics equips pupils with a uniquely powerful set of tools to understand and change the world. These tools include logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and the ability to think in abstract ways.

Mathematics is important in everyday life. Different cultures have contributed to the development and application of mathematics. Today, the subject transcends cultural boundaries and its importance is universally recognised.

Mathematics is a creative discipline. It can stimulate moments of pleasure and wonder when a pupil solves a problem for the first time, discovers a more elegant solution to that problem, or suddenly sees hidden connections."

QCA Website, 2006

We recognize the importance of a good knowledge and understanding of the principles of mathematics, for itself, for use in other subjects or for everyday life. We are particularly keen for pupils to enjoy mathematics and feel confident in its use whenever the need arises.


There are three dedicated main school mathematics rooms; all have interactive whiteboards. There is also a dedicated Sixth Form teaching room located in the Norbury building.


At GCSE, we follow the EDEXCEL Linear course, which has three terminal papers at the end of Year 11. All students follow the higher level course.

At A Level we offer the Edexcel A Level Mathematics course.


Pupils are taught in sets from the beginning of Year 9, based on internal assessment; in Year 7 and 8 pupils are taught in forms. Sets are reviewed periodically each year and pupils move sets as appropriate.

Weekly Mathematics Workshops are available for all pupils, on both a drop-in and invitational basis for extra support.

The department has access to various software packages, to enhance learning experiences. These include a Logo turtle package and Geometer's Sketchpad for shape and space activities, as well as a dedicated graphing package. Wherever possible, we endeavour to use ICT to make topics easier to understand and to give a practical experience of their use. The department also has a set of graphical calculators for use across all key stages.


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